5-6 June 2013, Meeting in Netherlands

Appsguide has the potential to go to Scale

(Youth) Unemployment is an enormous challenge that needs to be tackled in a concerted and realistic way: The ‘Appsguide’ as an ‘E-Guide tool’ has the potential to go to scale. On 5-6th of June 2013 the 2nd Meeting regarding the EU-project 'Applications for Guiding Users in their Development towards Education and Employment' ('AppsGuide'). The project is covering a lot of ground. Pieter van Schie, host of the Dutch meeting summarised it as follows: ‘To be successful at all, we have to ensure that the AppsGuide programme will be relatively easy to implement’

Sabrina Allison (Light on the Path), Chairman of the Meeting was ‘reasonably content about the Meeting and is looking forward to get more into the implementation phase of the project’. The Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work  (DFOIW2W) was the hosting organisation. The 2nd face-to-face meeting of the this innovative European multilateral project 'Applications for Guiding Users in their Development towards Education and Employment' ('AppsGuide') took place in Papendrecht (nearby Rotterdam). The Delegates from Sweden, Romania, Ireland and United Kingdom worked hard on the Transfer of Innovation (TOI) Project: ‘We covered a lot of ground, but as you can imagine, we still have lots of work to do’, stated Mr. Van Schie. I do think that the AppsGuide tool, if used properly, will have significant results in our combat against youth unemployment or unemployment in general.’ 

The Scottish organisation Light on the Path (LotP) was the chair of the meeting. The Irish partner Ballymun Jobcentre and Romanian partner Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti - Centrul de Tehnologii Avansate (CTANM) are the technological drivers of the project, as whereas Stockholm City Council has taken the initiative to transfer the AppsGuide as a combat tool into Sweden and the Netherlands.    

In the Dutch meeting the delegates agreed to start up the Master Training Course in Sweden, Stockholm, autumn 2013. A major step in this project, whereas the AppsGuide tool must be supported by professional Master Coaches in order to get give the right kind of E Guiding to the AppsGuide customers. In this way the Quality of the tool is guaranteed. The project advocates a gradual trial implementation of the AppsGuide Programme. One of the goals to achieve is making the EGuide AppsGuide tool accessable in more languages, next to English. Bogdan Abaza of Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti - Centrul de Tehnologii Avansate (CTANM) presented a update of the State of the art EGuide Appsplatform. The platform has now been migrated onto CTANM’s server and they are now going to organise individual access for each country and there will be separate databases for each language. It is already fully functional in English and Swedish and soon to be in Dutch.